Today in the city Chaparral 20.10.2019

October 17, 2019

Vlogoween day 17th 🎃


Getting ready

Getting ready for the babyshower.

Baby shower

Baby shower vibes.

~ Dear future husband GLMV~

Hi my little Gachas Until I met u part 3 coming out soon! :3.

My first video

Hemp bombs cartridge pre filled glass for pen

Hemp bombs cartridge pre filled glass for pen Add me on Snapchat! Username: jaxslovelove ...

El Paso Strong Low Class Militia 2019

Song: Dark Light by Night Lovell

Part 2 of horse

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Broken tv prank on mom full video

Add my snapchat ➡jaxslovelovee My instagram ➡jaxslovelove ➡jaxslovelove Twitter➡ jaqueline0422 Let me know what you all want to see. ✌ peace.

Off Road

Took me by surprise...

I don't even know how to use KineMaster so can someone help me!! :/

My school

{[ Acapella~ ]}

Finaly found another! :3.

Payback to my EX!!!

He was a ho and a jerk he didn't even pay attention to me!!!...:/

Mi primer video en YouTube

Dejen su like.


I made this video at 9:01 at night!!! -,-

Purpul glitter half of crease

Hope u guy like this video I'm still working on my editing 🤦 Product used the que fresa pallet from #proluxcosmetics Purpul liner from nabi Glitter in with nabi ...

My first ever edit video my sister made a real cringe at the end

My sisters breathing at the end omg that scared the SH*T out of me!

Who are u..?!

Im gAnA tAkE mY HouRse tO lE oLd tOwn ROUND iM hANa RIDE till i can't no more!!

Idle miner tycoon pt1

I'm trying to be weekly.

My Serenity

A nice, serene trail run on the Franklin Mountains.

September 14, 2019

Want to see some magic

My sister does a magic trick.

Night vid with no point (8mm cam) even though it was 6

Bye Brahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Let’s bake pumpkin 🥧 pie

The Ohio ~ 12000 Old Mesquite Way

Viewing Home.

Short dogfight

I don’t know what this is XD

I think it's my “ fantastic “ cats trying to kill my feet -,-

Dare vid with meh BFF UWU

Jazzyfox101 has joined me in meh dare vid!!!!! Go sub to her!

Dare vid coming soon!!

My first ever dare video is coming soon comment down below witch dares and ocs I should use!!

I need IDEAS!!!!

I need ideas I tried uploading the banana song but it didn't work -,-

Face reveal 2

Face reveal

No Description Found.

Today’s topic is dehydrating jujube apple

My part

A good taking.

Trail Tested Shoe Review: The Inov8 Terra Ultra 260

Zach's review of the Inov8 Terra Ultra 260, size 10, zero drop, ultra/trail running shoe. Code name: Bumblebee.

3rd Annual Dyno Day

The guys at EPT MOTORSPORTS take a Saturday to run diagnostics on a few cars. Check it out and volume up!

Let’s pickle some cucumbers from the garden

Just Run, Luna

Train Hard, Win easy.

My crush part 7

Part 8 coming out on Sunday.

5012 Gold Ranch

Single story home for sale El Paso TX. Video for client out of town.

My crush part 6

Part 7 coming soon!!!





Football hitting day



My crush part 2 ( finale )

NO pART 3!!! T^T.

GO SUB TO jazzy fox 101.. ( I’m crying..)

Tysm for being there for meh girl!!!
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