Today in the city Chaparral 18.07.2019

My most precious moments

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Patos al agua 💦

Alburquerque parques !

Beautiful Crazy

Hot as hades, Run.

A lost 🐈 showed up at my house today

If you lost your let me know ok.

Blended Nation

Erin and squid OUR FIRST VIDEO!!!

Hi guys it's your friendly neighborhood gays lol More videos on the way!!! Promise we gonna upload a very short vlog of us at a store with friends^^ lol hope you ...


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My brother is going to hold his breath for 30 minutes

Nevan yo face.

Best player ever

Nevan yo yo.

Flying UFO over El Paso Texas

Seriously idk #wtfmemes i just saw today! I just see a cloud headed my way, then a light appeared with a #lightning then gets super #windy then ANOTHER ...

Tom May’s - Lower Sunset mountain bike trail - El Paso

Riding Lower Sunset trail on Canyon Spectral.

Cool on YouTube

Brent Rivera.

What type of pizza place

Here I Go Again

Ultra runner.

Haha, if everybody try this please don't fall 😝😝😝😝😝😝

Oh my God, he doesn't fall doing that. I fall accident no fair.

First video my singing monsters

First video I decided to do a my singing monster Video!

Savanna monitor feeding (read description)

This is a video of a savanna monitor I rescued. I am currently trying to get him used to his surroundings because he is clearly depressed because he has been ...

First vlog

Hope you guys like this vid.

We won 48 hour Film Fest! And More announcements about LIFE

Our Movie Film that won awards: I edited this with iMovie for the first time so it's a little off. It's also not well edited. Because I can't ...

Hiking in El Paso, Texas!

Hiking trip on Franklin Mountains State Park in El Paso, Texas.

Mi falen

I wen so hi I fall.

Julian pop

I had to go poop very bad.



reacting to my first YouTube video ever !!!

This was nasty . I was nasty . INSTAGRAMS : main - Spam-https://www.instagram./itssbriann.a/ com.

i tried curling my hair with straws . 3 hours wasted .🤠

I was watching Brad Mondo , and I thought I was a hair stylist. I thought wrong . Really wrong. watch me mess up for 3 mins straight:) INSTAGRAMS : main ...

Baby Zak's First Swim

Baby Zak's first swim, he is one week away from 3 months. Zeus is 5. Cj is 11. The first time he got in the pool, he did not cry, he stayed in for a few minutes but ...

Playing stick man night shift!!!

Mk6 gti resonator delete

Stock mk6 gti with resonator delete, stock muffler, & downpipe.

May 30, 2019

Cinco de Mayo makeup look.

5th grade performance

5th graders at Bradley Elementary performed a dance.

Try not to laugh 😂 part 1

How to do a front flip

Doing a dare

worldstar #dumb shit.

Del Sol Church Northeast Promo #2

Breezy new mixtape called gang 3x.

Check it out and let me know if you like it.

Red dead 2

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New drawer guys

Go faith

Go faith go go.

New Mexico Sunset Time Lapse 3

Destroyer vs blue jay comment who won

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Sunday Trails

Good news

Franklin Mountain State Park

Fixing slime

Slime that is not stretchy and that doesn't work like other slimes.

How to tie shoelaces

How to tie your shoelaces three different ways.

Pica Duelist Maiden Flight!

The dude who gave me the airplane conducted the maiden flight. That twin engine sound is really cool!

Kacho in the KX85

Milo testing the KX85.

April 6, 2019

Roundtable Reminder - Scouts BSA - 2019/03.


Weather in the city Chaparral the week
         What is the weather in Chaparral will be tomorrow? We know the answer to that question