Today in the city Chaparral 21.05.2019

Teaching how to brush your teeth 🦷

Del Sol Church Northeast Promo #2

Breezy new mixtape called gang 3x.

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Red dead 2

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New drawer guys

Go faith

Go faith go go.

New Mexico Sunset Time Lapse 3

Destroyer vs blue jay comment who won

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Sunday Trails

Good news

Franklin Mountain State Park

Fixing slime

Slime that is not stretchy and that doesn't work like other slimes.

How to tie shoelaces

How to tie your shoelaces three different ways.

Pica Duelist Maiden Flight!

The dude who gave me the airplane conducted the maiden flight. That twin engine sound is really cool!

Kacho in the KX85

Milo testing the KX85.

April 6, 2019

Roundtable Reminder - Scouts BSA - 2019/03.


Just to you guys


It used to be!!!

Aztec Trail Tin Mines


January 2019 El Paso Drone Hive Meepup #elpasodronehive

Monthly Meetup at the Anthony gap. This video only has images and no videos this time. #elpasodronehive.

New game

Mixer. com/grav3seek3r.

March 17, 2019

Just For Kicks

Jus for shits cause we bored.

Brother fight must watch 👌

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Issac Vs James

The best bottle flip in the world

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Mary Middleton stroke Recovery Speech – after 4 1/2 years - HOPE

A short speech by Mary Middleton about stroke recovery. She had a stroke in October 2014 and this speech, she discusses the last 4 1/2 years of recovery at a ...

Playground rounds

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El Paso police & State Park police watch suspect run away

El Paso police & State Park police watch suspect run away. I shut down there questions.

Run in with a Ranger Part II

This second video was shot outside the entrance to Franklin Mountains State Park in the parking area where the incident occurred.


Ojo el montaje del juego.

Do ggg

Your tvt.

Lets get it (sparring)

Mammoth Rock Trail

Mammoth trail Franklin mountain.

Team rumble crazy sniper shots (fortnite battle royal)

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7 rings

Keeping in shape with auto immune condition.

Jugando Happy Wheels


Doggie won't get up.

Range Day at the Anthony Gap with drone footage

This is old footage I had sitting for a while. Range Day at the Anthony Gap that includes some of the last footage I captured with my DJI Spark. I have since sold it ...

Prank war in till February 14

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Scary tunols

Vederents park.

Dicipulado “Mi Iglesia

Dicipulado “Mi Iglesia

I’m bored so I’m going live🤷🏻‍♂️

EPT Motorsports 3rd annual Dyno Saturday

I'm gonna add music to this eventually.

Fogata juvenil

Looking for games to play

Weather in the city Chaparral the week
         What is the weather in Chaparral will be tomorrow? We know the answer to that question