Today in the city Chaparral 28.01.2020

Porque es más probable que las tragedias te pasen a ti

Este fin de semana el mundo se enteró de la terrible tragedia que terminó con la vida del celebrado basquetbolista Kobe Bryant y su hija entre una decena de ...

Hi first time on youtube

Brent Rivera dobre brothers.

Franklin Mountains - Anthony Pass Northern Loop Trail - January 25, 2020

A popular loop trail that meanders through the northern portion of the Franklin Mountains starting at the Anthony Pass off Hwy 404 and heading up to a saddle ...

25 de enero de 2020

in the hills, the cities

Franklin Mountains Park.

El significado de la celebración de Martin Luther King Jr

Estamos abiertos! Hoy se celebra el día de Martin Luther King Jr. Lider del movimiento de derechos civiles que marcó un parteaguas en las relaciones ...

My Gamer tag

Fortnite:Commando1471 Roblox:mytypeoflife101.

For Jazzyfox101..

I'm blushing!!!

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{~ Roxanne ~}

I think I might take a little break ok, got to get school of meh mind -,-

{~ Dynasty ~} with Jazzyfox101

This vid was suggested by Jazzyfox101!!

{~ Ain’t your girlfriend meme ~}


Sign up for the right Medicare plan in Chaparral, NM.

We are an insurance agency appointed with different companies that have Medicare plans in NM. One may be right for you.

New character!!! ( sorry for the bad editing)

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{~ My kitty ~} part 2 ( I’ll take her )

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El Paso Drone Hive January 2020 Meetup

The El Paso Drone Hive consists of members who are huge proponents of drone safety. Group was founded by Daniel Six, Mike Toussaint and Carlos Marquez.

Dragon Ball Figures

Do not copyright me please.

Younique products ! Ready set prep

January 7, 2020

Coffee Time!

Coffee and epic views go hand in hand.

Primer lunes de 2020

A muchos nos ha tocado perder gente que amamos, gente como nosotros: conocidos, amigos, vecinos, tíos, primos, sobrinos, padres, incluso hijos, que ...

Broken {~ suggested by Jazzyfox101 ~}

This was suggested by Jazzyfox101, and sorry it took so long to come out I was having issues with kinemaster again ;-;

Oua 8: the pillow platform

El Paso tin mines hike

Trail to old tin mines in El Paso, TX. Like and subscribe for more videos. Equipment: DJI Mavic and Gopro Hero Session.

~ The hole ~

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New intro ( new channel name to )

New channel name!!! New intro to but not a new character ;-;

Unicornio and Lady Diamond versus Skybird and Black Widow

915x656 Promotions presents Lucha Libre for a cause.

Fun size farm discovery

I drove to this store to grab me a beer in Chaparral NM when I observed there was a mini farm attached to it, with donkeys, goats and I think small horses called ...

Lil breezy trip to the hospital providence

Lil breezy trip to the ER.

A small test ( I’m bored )

Small test of hair moving ( kinda moving! :(



A children’s video

Carolina play Happy Happy her

645 take 789-1012.

Circe The Grace Witch

Project for Dr.Phillips English.

Legends suggested by Jazzyfox101

Im starting to love this song!!! Ty Jazzyfox101!!

Walls could talk part 2

Includes Jazzyfox101!!

100 subscribers special + Psn/Xbox Giftcard Giveaway![UPDATED]

Hello guys.! Thank you so much for 100 subscriber really means alot lets go for 200 now!! Remember, to enter the giveaway subscribe and like all my recent ...

Walls could talk with Jazzyfox101

With meh bff Jazzyfox101!!!!


10/12/18 Mountain drive while raining.

Rick & Morty Season 4 E 3 "One flew over the crew crew's" Review / Rant (You crews, you lose)

If you want to see me do standup, I will be performing at the El Paso comic Strip Dec. 8.

Happy thanks giving \ house tour kinda

Hey dudes happy thanks giving.

THIS IS A TEST , I’m doing wonderland meme


Clarity ( sorry it’s trashy..)

It's trashy because i don't know what's going on with my kine master app..

My first video

My first video.

16 shots ( includes Jazzyfox101 UwU )

I tried meh best so I hope I like it!!

Cave n*ggas pt.2

Rabbit hole...

I love this song!!!!!! :3.

Dreams ( suggested by Jazzyfox101)

Dreams by idk ;-;


Im on a hoverboard!!

Rumors ( a little 13+ be warned!!)

Vote in the comments if u want me to do redemption song or I'm a banana song!!
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