Today in the city Chaparral 21.07.2017

Peleas De Ip Man Maestro De Bruce Lee P4 | Gaburincho JaviTyra

Ip Man Venga Al Maestro Hung Proximo Episodio:Ip Man Y Bruce Lee.


Schools Out For Summer

Please watch: "VidCon Day 1 " -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Business Email: ...

Entering Texas from New Mexico. Southbound on Route 54.

Entering Texas from New Mexico on Route 54. Southbound.

Por qué hablamos tanto del Omega 3. ¿Que es el Omega 3?

Por qué hablamos tanto del Omega 3. ¿Que es el Omega 3?. Galletas, productos lácteos, bebidas de soja, cada vez encontramos mas productos en el mercado ...

Throwing friend in pool

Hope you injoyed.

Detector De Mentiras | Gaburincho JaviTyra

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Mensaje Y Cancion A Donald Trump | Gaburincho JaviTyra

Stop hating on me for a "fake" ROBLOX.

House Tour. I'M BACK! :)




Survival series #1

In this video we do a survival to kill the Ender Dragon. Another thing stay ULTIMATE!!!!

Justin Jay Holguin doggie door el paso san antonio

Justin Holguin el paso san antonio credit car abuse Justin Bragdon army ranger Paul Gay for Pay Pogel 1957 ford fairlane bankruptcy cypha36 cypha1 cypha2 ...

Morning Agave Launch - Paragliding in the Franklin Mountains, El Paso Texas

Thank you to +Buzz Zee and GEO Five for their helmet cam footage from this morning's launch. Conditions were weak and a bit cross, so it was fated to be a ...

Day 17: Texas State Line (Northeast of El Paso)

Learn more about my bike across America trip: Track my daily updates on Facebook: My write-up ...

Martian 2

This is the quad I was flying in the previous video. just a basic overview of the quad if you have any questions i'll answer them to the best of my ability.

In The Yard (Preview)

New series showing the progress of my yard from Dormant to Green.

Steampunk and Valentino versus Black Widow and El Tirano

Friday night Lucha Libre at the Performance Center 10400 Dyer El Paso Texas.

Ozone GEO 5 - Strong conditions at Agave Hill (no music)

Our human got off work early and hustled up to launch. Winds from about 250, 14 to 17, perfect! No problems benching up but the air was slightly twitchy, so we ...

Ozone GEO 5 - Rocket Sled ride at Agave

Spring is here and it's time to go back to the "don't fly in the middle of the day rule." We speculate that better pilots who are used to sharp punchy thermals and ...

4645 Loma De Indios Lane, El Paso, TX Presented by Pat Candia.

Click to see more: 4645 Loma De Indios ...

El Paso Hiking: Franklin Mountains State Park First Day Hike, 2017

Short video on Franklin Mountains State Park's #firstdayhike for 2017! The first video in my #52hikes series for #2017. A quick 2 mile hike with a great group of ...

12049 Copper Valley Lane, El Paso, TX Presented by Jese Gonzalez.

Click to see more: 12049 Copper Valley ...

El Paso Hiking: Find your reason to hike Franklin Mountains State Park!

A million reasons to hike in Franklin Mountains State park in El Paso, TX. What is yours?

Aggies drum up support for basketball team

NMSU looks to show support for Aggie bball team.


Best Friends Forever.

Ozone GEO 5 and Friends - Hike and Fly North Franklin Peak

Learn to fly in El Paso, What does a pilot do on a winter day with dead air? Hike to the summit of the tallest nearby peak!

Random|(w/ LuckyChangling and AriGen10)

Videocast provided by Emoze's Live on YouTube 1.2.11448

Mi diario secreto

Espero que les guste.

We're in Sonic/Mario?||Sonic and Mario

original video: Subscribe to silver Shiloh ...

Ozone GEO 5 - 1st sledder!

Our human, after enough kiting to be confident I would do his bidding at launch, took me up for my first flight. Wonderful little sledder in mellow late afternoon air ...


Videocast provided by Emoze's Live on YouTube 1.2.11448


Videocast provided by Emoze's Live on YouTube 1.2.11448

Ozone Buzz Z5 - Why NOT to launch from Agave in NNW winds

Southwest Airsports tried to warn us, but my human just had to find out for himself. NNW west winds mean turbulence after launch, no lift, and we were blown ...

02 Drops For Pain Relief Chaparral, NM -

Pain relief Chaparral, NM Related_Searches pain relief music, pain relief, pain relief meditation, pain relief hypnosis, pain relief ...

Ozone Buzz Z5 - 8450' MSL over Franklin Mountains via Agave launch

Music: Waves of Hope - 4835, Oxygen Beats Over a year's work of preparation and training came to fruition for my human this weekend as he finally benched up ...

IVC Filter Lawsuit Chappel NM | 844-851-3518 | Blood Clot Filter Lawsuit New Mexico

If you are looking for a lawyer or attorney for a IVC Filter case or legal claim, please call at 844-851-3518. We can help get you the settlement that you deserve!

12160 Cherry Wood Lane, El Paso, TX Presented by Catherine Few.

Click to see more: 12160 Cherry Wood Lane ...

5321 Manuel Puentes, El Paso, TX Presented by Catherine Few.

Click to see more: 5321 Manuel Puentes El Paso, ...

Who is the Meme Master? (Shia Labeouf DATING SIM #1) part 1

WHO IS THE REAL MEME MASTER?, This channel is for all my friends and fellow gamers. Subscribe to be a Grammat! -My Humaniity.

11016 Northampton Street, El Paso, TX Presented by Catherine Few.

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DROWNING ABOVE WATER !!!!!!!!! (I GET WHIPPED) (Watch till end)

Please watch: "Its so dry | Raw oatmeal challenge" -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Hope you enjoy Check my links out ...

Video đã chỉnh sửa của tôi

Tôi đã tạo video này bằng Trình chỉnh sửa video của YouTube (

11641 OCHRE BLUFF Lane, El Paso, TX Presented by Cynthia Morris.

Click to see more: 11641 OCHRE BLUFF ...

Ozone Buzz Z5 - Frustrating Agave Sledder

After literally months of waiting, conditions were perfect for thermaling. Look at the puffy cumulus! A day like this only happens two or three times a year at Agave.

El Paso and the Obama Administration Transgender Directive

What local students and school districts think of the new directive by the Obama administration.

Franklin MTB Resbalon

Paseo en las montañas Franklin con un pequeño resbalon.

Ozone Buzz Z5 - Learning to bench at Agave Hill April 2016

My human is enjoying Agave Hill. Today's flight was the best so far, the wind was from ~260 which is optimal for working the odd combo ridge/thermal lift to the ...

Ozone Buzz Z5 - bumpy morning sledder at Agave Hill April 2016

It's getting too close to summer for morning sledders at Agave for lowly P2's. The katabatic flow goes not reverse until after 1000, at which time it's already getting ...

Ozone Buzz Z5 - Agave short flight, road landing

My human was on the couch reading back issues of USHPA magazine when his instructor called. "Why aren't you up here, it's flyable!" So he threw me and his ...
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