Today in the city Chaparral 14.08.2018

Weather in the city Chaparral for week

14/08/2018 Day's temperature: 36.76°C

t° max: 38.73°C  t° min:25.17°C

Humidity: 31%, Pressure:883.73

15/08/2018 Day's temperature: 33.6°C

t° max: 35.38°C  t° min:19.77°C

Humidity: 30%, Pressure:885.04

16/08/2018 Day's temperature: 32.83°C

t° max: 35.65°C  t° min:21.79°C

Humidity: 32%, Pressure:886.81

17/08/2018 Day's temperature: 29.35°C

легкий дождь
t° max: 32.02°C  t° min:20.31°C

Humidity: 0%, Pressure:878.92

18/08/2018 Day's temperature: 32.08°C

легкий дождь
t° max: 34.41°C  t° min:19.3°C

Humidity: 0%, Pressure:876.39

19/08/2018 Day's temperature: 31.53°C

t° max: 31.56°C  t° min:20.54°C

Humidity: 0%, Pressure:875.53

20/08/2018 Day's temperature: 27.4°C

легкий дождь
t° max: 29.94°C  t° min:19.04°C

Humidity: 0%, Pressure:877.38

21/08/2018 Day's temperature: 31.24°C

легкий дождь
t° max: 33.57°C  t° min:19.03°C

Humidity: 0%, Pressure:877.77

22/08/2018 Day's temperature: 31.22°C

t° max: 33.36°C  t° min:17.69°C

Humidity: 0%, Pressure:876.04

23/08/2018 Day's temperature: 24.55°C

сильный дождь
t° max: 27.53°C  t° min:18.33°C

Humidity: 0%, Pressure:875.96

Weather in the city Chaparral the week
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